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Whitefish Moto Loop

Day One: Boise to Pocatello

About a four hour ride on I-84. The time pass quickly and the weather was decent. Dropped off Chloe at ISU!

Day Two: Pocatello to Butte

I left town around 1 PM. A quick detour to view Upper Mesa Falls and then continued on through Ennis along the Madison river. I crossed the continental divide just outside West Yellowstone.

As I got on I-90 east of Butte, I experienced the most beautiful sunset in recent memory. That section of freeway is super curvy and fun.

Day Three: Butte to Whitefish

Stayed overnight at Red Lion in Butte. The Wi-Fi and free breakfast sucked, but the room was clean and fairly newly remodeled. It was a brisk 48 degrees when I hit the road at 8am. But the air was calm and traffic was light. I took a route through Seeley Lake, MT to visit my friend Ryan, who was camping there. Beautiful drive.

Arrived in Whitefish behind schedule, mainly due to road construction and inaccurate travel time from Google.

Rendezvous with Kelley & Maddie

The plan was to meet Kelley and Maddie at a trailhead in Glacier National Park where they were hiking, surprising Kelley. She had no idea I was on the way. But instead, I met them on the road, did a quick u-turn and caught them when they stopped at a pull-out to take a photo of a lake. She was totally surprised. 🙂

Sadly, I took no photos of us the entire time on the trip. Will do better next time!

Day Four: Whitefish to Winchester

Spent the night in Whitefish in the condo they had rented for their vacation. Then around lunch we started the caravan south to split up the long drive back. Flathead lake is SO long.

The best part of the trip for motorcycling was Hwy 12 from Lolo, MT to Kooskia, ID. That’s my new favorite place in Idaho, can’t wait to go back and explore it in more detail.

Winchester was technically out of the way, but there were not a lot of accommodations in the area last minute.

Day Five: Winchester to Home

The trip home was hot. Near 100°, or hotter, for most portions. Google recommended the Crouch route, due to heavy McCall to Boise traffic.

1500 Miles in 5 days, but totally worth it to see the look on Kelley’s face when I walked up to them. 🙂