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Costa Rica, 2022

In April, 2022, we headed to the happiest place on earth.

Departed SFO 6:30pm Friday night. A quick hop to LAX to sit for 3.5 hours.

LAX International terminal  was a visual feast. Huge video walls, Gucci stores, lots of international citizens coming and going. A pack of 20(?) people in full hazmat suits travelling together. Kelley bought a cupcake from a vending machine for the experience. It was good… worth $6? I guess.

The Alaska Air rep didn’t check us in all the way through, so Avianca cancelled our seats by the time the gate opened at LAX at 11:30pm. They gave us the last two seats (ours originally anyway), but not together, and both middle seats. Thankfully, Kelley’s isle side traded with someone behind him and that traveller traded with me. In the end, we got to sit next to each other.

Landed in San Jose (SJO) at 6am local. The overnight flight seemed like a good idea when we booked it, but it sucked. Neither of us slept hardly at all, so we were pretty tired when we landed. After an easy pass through immigration and customs, we picked up our rental car ($982USD) and tried to find a Starbucks for coffee and a crossaint. That was a #fail. The roads were under construction and we couldnt get to the address easily. Waze, the preferred navigation app there, routed us through a questionable neighborhood, but it was an interesting introduction to San Jose. En route, we saw a Denny’s and decided to eat there and regroup. The WiFi was good, the coffee was good and the breakfast was ok. $31USD (!) later we were on our way to Tamarindo.

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