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Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

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Day Four: Tuesday

We drove from Tamarindo to Quepos, then to the small coastal village of Manuel Antonio. It was a long drive with slow traffic as usual. Kelley was still not feeling well and slept most of the trip.

We checked into our Airbnb, a neat place with a partially enclosed front foyer.

It was already dark, so we decided to order a pizza from the local El Wagon Pizza. It was really good!

Day Five: Wednesday

We arranged a guided walk through Manuel Antonio National Park. There are SO many misleading people trying to trick you into parking in their lots before you get to the gate, all dressed in apparel that looks official. We just drove past them to our designated parking area.

Edwin was our guide. He was awesome! So glad we used him, we wouldn’t have seen anything if we didn’t know where to look. Everything is hidden so well! Edwin did a great job answering questions, making jokes and explaining the animals.

We saw iguanas, monkeys, sloths, bats, birds, crabs, and more.

The beach inside in the park is pleasant and refreshing, but the bathrooms are less than ideal. 😉 They are busy at times, but lots of space on two sides of the peninsula.

After lunch, went down the street to enjoy a canopy zip line tour. It wasn’t your typical zip line, rather, we rode in suspended carts and we could progress at our own speed.

This turned out to be one our favorite parts of the trip. We were able to sit still, suspended 50′ above the forest floor and watch monkeys play all around us. We also saw sloths in the parking lot. Best $24 we spent!

Dinner was at a really cool hotel/restaurant called Gaia. The view is unbelievable, the service was awesome (best anywhere??) and the food was… ok.

Thursday morning, breakfast at El Avión. Excellent views of the ocean/canopy and inside is an actual C-123K transport plane that Barry Seal used and got shot down in Nicaragua!

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