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Jaco, Costa Rica

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Day Five: Thursday

Jaco was a fairly short drive. The road takes you through miles and miles of palm tree farms on both sides of the road. We aren’t sure what the crop is though.

Arrived later afternoon and found our Airbnb. A hostel-like multi-tenant situation with a really steep ladder to get to the bed loft. But it was only 50m to the ocean and a 2 minute walk to town, so an excellent location.

Sunset was just a few minutes away, so we sat on the beach and waited. It did not disappoint. It seems every sunset here is beautiful.

Looked on Google for a dinner location and saw that “SER” was just around the corner. Around the time we were leaving, it started pouring rain. On the way out the door, we stopped to chat with our next door neighbor who was sitting outside in the common area. She said the rain would stop in a few minutes, lately it had been raining right after sunset for a short while. Undeterred, Ronnie donned a plastic garbage bag and Kelley wore a rain jacket she’d brought.

Day Six: Friday

We walked into town. Was pretty hot there (95F+). Got some groceries (fruit, drinks).

Most, not all, Jaco residents didnt seem as nice as other areas.

After noon, went to the beach, rented a surf board and boogie board. At one point, we both rode the wave in side-by-side. It was neat to look over and see each other!

Dinner at an Italian restaurant, fairly bland, but pretty good. In general, most of the food in the country is more bland than in the US.

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